Monster Mania: Water Weird

Introduced in the Lost Caverns of Tsojconth, the Water Weird is a perfect introduction into elemental enemies for low level adventurers. Water Weirds, in their nature, are very deceptive and sneaky creatures one can encounter in a dungeon. They typically hide within a body of water whether it’s a pool, lake, or fountain. When they remain inside their body of water they are entirely invisible. It just looks like some stagnant water. Once in a battle Water Weirds are of reasonable difficulty. Their primary mode of attack is to constrict around their enemy and drown them. That’s kind of it, but where they lack in attack power they make up for in defenses. They are resistant to many damage types that aren’t magical and have even more condition immunities.

Water Weirds are an extremely low barrier to entry monster. Mechanically they appear to be very weak and potentially easy to deal with, but from my own experience those types of monsters mess you up the most. For example: I play in a campaign and in one session my crew and I went delving into some ruins, and naturally we come across some swarms of bats and rats. Well okay, that should be easy peasy. NOPE. IT WAS NOT. We came closer to dying to a couple of CR 1/4 monsters than we did against campaign ending monstrosities.

I enjoy Water Weirds for their simplicity and their presence. They give new adventurers a large scale challenge but doesn’t completely threaten them. Of maybe I have no idea what I’m saying. I’ve used Water Weirds in my campaigns, but they’ve been modified to one degree or another. Maybe Water Weirds are far worse than I expect them to be. Let me know what you think.

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