Humble Homebrew: Devil’s Initiate

For the adventurer brave enough to delve into the Nine Hells I present the Devil’s Initiate. It is a useful tool when your campaign is taking a turn towards devilry and it’s a fine fashion statement. I find that Infernal comes about in two scenarios in campaigns: either a player takes it thinking it to be very useful but is then used sparingly, or a player chooses to forego it thinking it won’t come in handy and is suddenly sneaking into Avernus. I always loved the idea of a hat of disguise but felt that it could be specialized for unique situations.

Devil’s Initiate

The Devil’s Initiate gives players some added utility without sacrificing a language selection. Additionally it gives a great defensive buff not just in deception but in resisting an entire form of damage. I think I could increase the rarity just for the resistance alone, but I think I balanced it enough by adding a duration. What do you think?

I hope this addition to your arsenal proves useful. Thanks for reading Dungeoneers, till next time.

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