Monster Mania: Behir

It makes sense when so many settings having Dragons as archenemies to civilization that at some point that these same citizens would make a weapon designed to hunt and destroy the wild wyrms. Behirs began as weapons created by Storm Giants to combat the Dragon nuisance. Now clearly the goal to eradicate each other was unsuccessful, depending on your setting, so what happened afterwards? Left behind after endless war Behirs found home deep in the mountains seeking warmth and solitude. Occasionally adventurers would hear of these creatures and seek them out for glory, but more often than not met with their life literally squeezed out them.

It’s not surprising that, considering their snake like appearance, one of the main forms of attack a Behir has is to constrict and grapple then swallow their prey whole. Additionally they have the capability to fire off a lightning breath attack, which contributes to the misconceptions that Behirs are in fact dragons. I really enjoy the fact that even after centuries of descendants and finding their own place in the ecology, Behirs still have an innate hatred of Dragons. If one were to intrude on a Behirs territory, even if they were on the very edge, the Behire would hunt it down until either one was dead. Or if the Dragon proved to be too powerful.

While Behirs can and have been real threats against most if not all creatures that encounter it, I find that they are intelligent enough to be negotiated with. Perhaps they could prove to be useful allies against certain other enemies. Who knows. God speed and good luck.

Thanks for reading Dungeoneers, till next time.

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