Mike’s Minis #3: Zom-Boys

Now that I had tackled the Owlbear I thought maybe returning to something more manageable would be good. A nice and paint job to continue flexing these muscles. So I threw that idea in the garbage and painted these zoombie pals. I honestly thought these two would be far simpler and in a way they could have been. I could have stuck with muted colors and left details like the metal spikes alone, but just before I began I decided to be more adventurous with bright, contrasting colors and an additional effect I haven’t tried before.


For the color scheme I took inspiration from the artwork in the Monster Manual. While the difficulty with these minis was comparable to the Orc in Mike’s Minis #1 I found that the details here were slightly more challenging. Looking back I can see that I was a bit overzealous with the Nuln Oil, but I’m still satisfied with how it turned out. I also did some light drybrushing, on the clothes and ground for both. My favorite part of this project is the spots of blood sprinkled. The only thing I would have changed about the blood is making the color more vibrant and watered it down to get a more liquid effect. I know there are techniques out there to get a more shiny effect when you want it, I think one would be to use a glossy varnish, but that’ll have to be for next time.

This was a fun and challenging paint job and I enjoyed it even more because I put some of my own flair into it.

The base coat paints I used are Reaper MSP and Vallejo Game Color:

  • Skin: 2x desert sand, 1x mountain sand, 2x dragon white
  • Pants: 2x naga green, 1x desert sand
  • Shirt: 2x dragon blue, 1x desert sand, 1x dragon white
  • Armor: 2x leather brown
  • Metal studs: 2x desert sand, 1x mountain stone, 1x dragon white
  • Blood: 2x scarlett blood, 1x mountain stone
  • Ground: 1x leather brown, 2x harvest brown

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