Mike’s Minis #2: Owlbear

Continuing my mini painting adventure I moved to a slightly larger figure, the Owlbear. I looked at a lot of reference photos of how Owlbears are typically painted and I found them all to be really well done, but not exactly what I wanted to do for my go at it. In my head I pictured a monster that was blessed with otherworldly magics that transformed it into a force of cosmic nature. This time around I also found myself taking more progress pictures so I’ll definitely be sharing those as well as the paints I used for this mini.

This was the first time I had no guidelines and no instructions so I was very nervous and I made more than a couple of mistakes, some of them you can see in the final picture. This was also the first time I painted on a mini with a fur texture. Getting an even coating of paint proved difficult and honestly kind of frustrating, but I persisted and I am really happy with the end result. After setting the base coat I used a dark wash of Nuln Oil over the entirety of the mini. I would have preferred to use something more akin to the base coats, such as a dark blue wash for the fur, but I used what I had. Afterwards I drybrushed everything with their base coats and was maybe a bit careless because if you look you can see a bit of the blue drybrushing got onto the base. This also the first time I based a mini, and what I learned is that you do not need a whole lot of super glue to get the mini to stay on.

I really enjoyed this project, especially the effect I got on the eyes, and I learned a great deal. I look forward to continuing this hobby and sharing it with everyone. Thanks for reading Dungeoneers, till next time.

The base coat paints I used are Reaper MSP and Vallejo Game Color:

  • Fur: 2x magic blue, 1x scarlet red

  • Chest/under arms: 2x magic blue, 1x scarlet red, 2x dragon white
  • Paws: 2x desert sand, 2x blade steel

  • Eyes: 1x pure black, speckled with 1x dragon white
  • Claws/beak: 1x mountain stone, 1x blade steel

  • Tongue: 1x scarlet blood

  • Ground: 1x leather brown, 1x harvest brown

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