Humble Homebrew: The Scaled Scourge V1.0

I told you this one was gonna be a doozy. So The Scaled Scourge is an item I thought of because I was starting a campaign, doing a bunch of brainstorming, while also watching Power Rangers Super Mega Force. I thought a D&D morpher would be insanely fun, I mean making it was fun in it of itself. Now this is still extremely untested and not even complete, as you can tell, but I am hoping whoever sees this gets a chance to try it out and tell me how it goes.

The Scaled Scourge

One of the things that I know needs to change about this item is the fact that I still don’t have “Unlocked levels” under Adult and Ancient Dragon forms. It’s gonna require some playtesting but it should be easy enough. I might even scrap that idea and find a different way to scale the different forms. Something else I was considering changing is the abilities each form has. I want to see if it scales correctly and if it’s powerful/balanced enough. I would absolutely love to see what you guys think and what kind of changes y’all think need to be made. Thanks for reading Dungeoneers, till next time.

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