Monster Mania: Bullywug

So about a week ago I was going over the list of monsters in the Monster Manual to find somebody to talk about. I settled on the Bullywug because it seemed like a fairly simple, and an encounter fodder monster. Holy shit was I wrong. Initially I thought they were just random enemies to be used against an adventuring party when the DM felt like giving them some conflict, but there’s so much more to them. They in fact have an entire hierarchy system within their society. It’s not surprising that they have leaders, but it is surprising how much each Bullywug’s identity revolves around their hierarchy. To set the scene, the Bullywug is a species of humanoid that can only survive in moist environments such as rain forests or swamps. Each clan of Bullywugs has a King or Queen that rules over the moist “kingdom”. Somehow Bullywugs got it in their mind that, because they are the predominate creatures in the swamp lands, they themselves are of high status so when they interact with strangers they present themselves as nobility. Unless of course they attack first.

Due to their self perceived nobility Bullywugs endeavor to climb the ladder and gain more power within their society. To do this they do one of two things: A) They collect beautiful or magical items that they then present to their leader to gain rank that way, or B) They kill their rivals. Pretty standard stuff. Naturally though if they go with option B they need to do it discreetly otherwise they will of course be executed. I think the most amazing thing about Bullywugs are that if they capture trespassers and then present them to the leader more than likely the captured could be let go with some baubles and flattery. Oh also the leader will show the captured the immense “wealth” that has accrued over the years of rule. They like to flaunt their stuff. What I once considered to be one of the most average type of enemy an adventurer could face has become one of the most interesting. I swear this has to be the longest post so far and it’s all about a species of frog people. I love that.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what your favorite monster is! Till next time.

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