Blog Update

Hello everyone. I know it’s been some time since I’ve last posted any sort of content. A little under a month actually since my last. This is just to let you know that I am still planning on putting out stuff in whatever shape that may be. Here’s a general run down:

Monster Mania: Gonna keep doing this cause it forces me to make posts and put stuff on here and I actually really enjoy talking about these different Monsters. I’ve actually also been thinking about maybe including homebrew monsters that I make (when I actually have time to make them) and maybe get some input for those interested.

The Worn Edge: Yeah I know. I think I was overly ambitious with this project. I still desperately want to work on this but I think this is gonna be less of a scheduled thing and more of a “I’ll get it out when I get it done” sort of thing.

Potential Podcast: So recently a friend of mine reached out to me about running a podcast, and I have had the idea of doing my own actual play D&D podcast for some time so this kind of worked out. I currently have all four cast members that will be on the show and I am working on the world and story for the show. I have never done any sort of podcasting and I am positive it will be a hell of a challenge but I am pumped to see this through.

There have been a few things that have kind of veered me off course this past month, keeping me away from making new posts, but I’m hoping this update will get me back into it. Thank you so much taking the time to take a look at this wonderful trainwreck and I hope that I can eventually put out better stuff for you all.

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