Monster Mania: Revenant

Did you ever hate someone so much that you decide instead of dying a horrible, and ultimately undeserved, death you choose to return to your body with a new makeover and hunt them down to the ends of the earth? Then you might be a Revenant. A Revenant is essentially an undead Punisher. Essentially when an individual dies in a particularly horrific manner or such that it was undeserved, a soul can return to its body and rise up to seek vengeance. What I did not know is that if their body is destroyed the spirit will actually possess another humanoid corpse. And while it may be in a different body the target of the Revenant’s anger will always be able to see their true identity. Revenant’s mission only last for a year so they have a limited amount of time to kill their target, but luckily Revenants have an ungodly ability to always know where to find them.

Revenants are Zombies on steroids and adderall. All of their ability scores are on par with a hearty adventurer, they retain class skills and abilities that they had before undead life, and on top of that they attain a whole slew of new (un)natural abilities as a Revenant. For example their ability to regenerate at the start of every one of its turns, or the fact that if it is defeated it just finds a new body and gets back to work after 24 hours. These things are ridiculous and I can’t wait to use one of them.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what your favorite monster is! Till next time.


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