Monster Mania: Helmed Horror


Spellcasters maintain an arsenal of spells, scrolls, and weapons. Not many are deadlier than the Helmed Horror. This magical construct is devised by only the most powerful badasses around. Helmed Horrors are unique when it comes to magical constructs due to their capability of making intelligent decisions. They still obey the commands that are given to them by their creator but are able to understand the orders intact over the exact wording. So when it is commanded to go kick and enemy’s ass it won’t literally go kick it in the hiney. With a Helmed Horrors impressive comes a great cost in creating one. It would be easier to just make a simple animated armor, but overall it would far less capable. In a fight Helmed Horrors are able to devise their own tactics and typically go after weaker enemies and spellcasters.

On top of being skilled fighters Helmed Horrors have a shopping list of abilities that make it even deadlier. For example, it has a shit ton of Damage Resistances and Immunities like nonmagical weapon attacks. Perhaps my favorite thing about this monster is that it has Spell Immunity. When the Horror is constructed the creator chooses spells that it is immune too. That’s just horrifying. This monster has to be one of the coolest options available in the Monster Manual.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what your favorite monster is! Till next time.

One thought on “Monster Mania: Helmed Horror

  1. I really like the helmed horror as well. It can easily be under-estimated- “what’s this animated armor going to do to us?” and then your adventurers quickly realize the folly of their ways if they go in too careless.


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