A Tale to Tell

A while back I began attempting to actually work on some writing projects. I started a good chunk of them but dropped most of them for a number of reasons, but the reoccurring theme was a loss of interest. I had a hard time committing to a story and seeing it through, but recently I found something that for the moment is holding my attention. Naturally it’s also linked to Dungeons and Dragons because I am apparently obsessed with this junk. It started with an NPC (non-player character) in one of my campaigns named Herald. He started off as a simple shop owner of oddities and trinkets. He isn’t exactly a pivotal character to the story but I wanted him to have more personality than the average random NPC. I thought of how his first impression to the PC’s (player characters) would be. Would he be witty and smooth, or harsh and honorable. In the end he came off somewhat charming and easygoing. The interaction was brief but during it it improvised some descriptions on the spot and he quickly became really interesting. Why did he own this essentially magical junk shop? Who was his master that taught him? Why did his eyes change colors? I had to expand on him.

That led to my current project. As I post this it has been a significant amount of time since I started it more than half a year ago. Time got way from me and I have neglected my curiosity with blogging. During the hiatus I have made some progress on the tale of Herald (not a lot but enough to make me proud). Currently there is only a prologue that is “completed”, I still need to do some heavy editing with the help of some friends, but I think i’m on the right track. This is the only story that I have started that has kept my attention and made me mix around different plot points, characters, settings, and so on. It has essentially dominated my thoughts along with the game that inspired it. I look forward to continuing it and completing it, and I look forward to updating my progress with my projects on here. THAT’S RIGHT, I’M GONNA TRY TO BE ON HERE MORE OFTEN SO LOOK OUT WORLD… I’m gonna at least put in some effort.

If any of you (if there are any of you) have any recommendations to improve this “blog” or any tips or tricks for my writing feel free to comment. See ya next time.

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