Take Three


Third time’s the charm right? It was two years ago that I made this blog because the idea of displaying my creative ideas to anyone who was curious seemed like a fun experience and I could use it to catalog and perhaps even inspire new stories and methods of storytelling. Suffice it to say I pretty much failed these last two years to commit to this platform. I chalk it up to graduate school kicking my ass, and my own inability to not be lazy and frankly unorganized in my day to day life. However recently I was inspired by my girlfriend to buckle down, clean my act up, and really put in the effort into living my life in a way that was constructive for my future. With that I managed to follow a daily to-do list detailing the tasks for the day for about a week at this point. I know that is laughable but for me it was a big step in finally committing to something that worked so that I can truly get my shit together. With my college career finally completed to the point I wanted to I think I may be able to actually start projects that I have been wanting to work on for a while, one of them being this blog.

I will continue to write about my endeavors as a DM and as a writer, but I think limiting this space to only those two subjects was a part of why I failed at continuing. So from this point forward I will write about anything and everything that interests me. The primary focus will be the original concept but I feel that branching away from just those two will make this a more fulfilling experience. Some of the things I will more than likely discuss is gaming video or otherwise. Games are a large aspect of who I am and I hope to one day be a part of the industry. A potential subject, but probably sparse compared to the others, will be my personal life. All that good stuff. Essentially I will be using my blog as how most people use it, a place to just talk about myself and everything I like or hate or feel kind of meh about. So yet again. FOR THE THIRD TIME! Welcome to my world.


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