Elothin – Episode 2: Glavain


Glavain is one of the oldest countries in Elothin, with manuscripts dating back as far as only a few years after The Bloom. The country has a rich history of expert blacksmiths, notorious bounty hunters, and the world famous Van Moren mines in the Iron Band Mountains. The capital city, The Hearth, is governed by The Four Ores of Glavain. These individuals are voted into power and answer only to the Duchess of Glavain, Ellaina Goldeton. Ellaina has led the people of Glavain through over a century of prosperous capitalism and treacherous dealings with other nations.

The country itself is a semi arid nation with little to no rainfall but enough varied weather to house exotic vegetation and animal life. The populace do not have a deep history with the arcane or the divine, instead favoring the tangible and inventive aspects to advancing their life. Unlike Fëa-náro’s combination of technology and the arcane, Glavain instead focuses solely on the natural resources gathered and wit to create marvels that rival the young nation. Along with the pros of the country there are a few glaring cons as well. For many years criminals and the unsavory have taken to Glavain and used it as a safe haven due to the harshness of the climate those who pursue these criminals do not tend to take chances with their lives. It wasn’t until recently Duchess Ellaina Goldeton signed a bill that would offer nationally mandated bounties to those who wish to earn pay for such dangerous tasks.

Glavain offers equally the opportunity to advance ones standing in life, but also the misfortune of losing everything whether from gambling it away or betting on ones life.

Pretty straight forward and simple but I’ve been wanting to create a desert nation for a long time and I was finally given the opportunity to do just that. I’m hoping in the coming days I’ll have the drive to create even more for this country, but for now this will have to do. Till next time.

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