Books Are Good You Idiot: Ex-Heroes Series


Time to get back at it kids. For a couple of months now I have been completely enthralled by a book series called the Ex-Heroes series written by Peter Clines. I randomly went into the local Barnes and Noble and let curiosity take me around to see if I could find anything interesting. My clever nose brought me to just one single copy of Ex-Heroes. What struck me right away were the colors that made up the spine of the book. They were immediately eye catching and screamed, “Hey man why not take a look?” So i picked it up and looked at the description on the back of it. The very first thing I saw was a quote from Ernest Cline, the author of Ready Player One saying, “It’s like Avengers meets The Walking Dead with a large order of epic served on the side.” It was perhaps the quickest impulse buy I have ever made, and boy I was not disappointed.

A short synopsis of the book would be simply put: A group of heroes protect and lead a faction of people in a rudimentary stronghold in a movie studio in California during a zombie apocalypse. Now I know a great number of people have grown very tired of zombies and essentially anything to do with them. Even a strong fan like myself of zombies  have become exhausted with their constant use, but the constant fear of the end of the human race by such a violent mean just propels the characters. The book does such a good job of detailing each individuals reactions to these horrid creatures.

Now my favorite part of the book has to be the characters. Each one is so unique I find it difficult to choose a favorite among them. To start off we have Stealth, she is the vastly intelligent leader of the survivors. She has no powers to speak of but she uses her wit, above average physique, and numerous skills to keep everyone alive. Zzzap is perhaps the most powerful hero in the entire series. In his human form he is paralyzed from the waist down, and yet is able to make light of any situation, but when he uses his powers he transforms into a literal being of pure energy with numerous abilities at his disposal including flight. Oh and he also loves everything involving pop-culture and he speaks to me on a spiritual level and I love him. Gorgon is the one character I never truly had a deep connection with throughout the book. He has shown to really care about his friends but beyond that I didn’t have a deep connection with him until the end of the book. There is also Regenerator whom I had the same experience I did with Gorgon. Perhaps one of the more complex characters has to be Cerberus. She is the only other hero who does not have powers, instead she pilots a mech suit that has a number of capabilities like being a total bad-ass.  She does have one glaring weakness however, she has crippling fear of being vulnerable when she is not in her workshop or wearing the suit. The final hero is St. George, aka “Mighty Dragon”. He is the hero we follow the most throughout the book. His powers are super strength, invulnerability, and gliding. All fairly standard powers but when they are used against the zombies it offers a whole new perspective.

I can not recommend this whole series enough. These characters add so much intrigue to an otherwise overused plot device. Each book only grows more interesting and more complex using a multitude of environments, protagonists, antagonists to further draw you in.

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