Monster Mania: Kobolds

I had a sudden epiphany today, I really enjoy doing this. Developing ideas and putting it out there in a way that helps me expand my thought processes and offers the opportunity to get feedback from others (maybe one day). So yet another segment that I want to make a habit of doing is called Monster Mania. What this will be is a series covering some of my favorite and some of the more interesting monsters to come out of D&D.









Kobolds, perhaps one of the most underappreciated monsters in D&D. Primarily they are known to be weak and feeble, barely posing a threat to even the most green adventurers. To me they are grossly underestimated. Yes it’s true that when they are on their own they are at a great disadvantage, but pushed against a wall they can do some insane shit. Kobold’s have a pack mentality, their power originates from their ability to organize into large numbers and to strategize decisive countermeasures against enemies. They have more then enough intelligence to plan a reliable trap that does a tremendous amount of damage against their targets. I hope one day I can properly create a campaign centered around Kobold’s realizing their full potential, that the sheer numbers they have could topple even the largest cities.





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