Elothin – Episode 1: Fëa-náro

Elothin, a name I literally created yesterday. To reach it I went through about fifty-seven names and variations in Sindarin. For those that don’t know Sindarin is the language of the elves that J.R.R. Tolkien created in The Lord of the Rings series of books. The language itself is such an attractive variation of elven, which was why i decided on it when naming different things in the world. However, this first “episode” covering Elothin is focused on the first the country I created, hell it was the first thing I came up with in regards to landscape. Now when I first considered being a dungeon master I wanted to create an environment that would be interesting enough to compel my players to branch off and think outside of the box in regards to play style, listen in on conversations, and learn what they could about the world to further advance their character in a role playing sense. Eventually that evolved into something so much more. I wanted a setting that exuded a rich culture, a history that felt convincing.


Fëa-náro is a fairly young country, a few hundred years old. In its early years it was a fairly unused nation, very few payed any attention to it. It took time but eventually small villages became towns and towns became simple cities. Eventually four capital cities grew to help start off the sovereign state: Margore, Felmore, Lanore City, and Allura. There are two events that took place to transform Fëa-náro into what it is currently: its founding and the war with the Orc’s. The war began when the Orcs invaded the main land from the west at the Wood of the Damned. In the early years of the war Orcs were able to move their forces to the Elden Isle forcing out several settlements. The war went on for about twenty years, the most of it being fought in the mountains in the north and the entire Elden Isle. From time to time there were coordinated strikes on both parties, but the forces on both sides were somewhat equal in strength. It wasn’t until the last year or so of the war that a gathering of intellectual minds seasoned in the arcane and technological fields banded together to devise new means of warfare to eradicate the enemy forces for good. The largest contributor to this advancement was the Church of Kanar, which was at the time a small following of the deity but now have grown exponentially to be the leading religion in the country. Now in the present it has been five years since the end of the war. The country and its people are now used to a fairly prosperous peace with constant growth in technological advancements and the spread of knowledge. There has also been an influx of varied races such as Tieflings, Gnomes, Goliaths, and even Orcs and Half-Orcs. Under that peace is a secret fight against an unknown enemy. A few have joined the fight to stop the evil before it spreads, but it may be too late.

That’s about it for now. I am more than sure there will be more development for the country in the future, but for now this is good enough. As an added bonus I’ll post a picture of the continent:
File Jun 29, 11 23 19 PM

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