Here goes everything.

So as some may know being a dungeon master is not an easy job. You have to make several plans in advance for your campaign: list out enemies your characters will fight, puzzles they’ll solve, npcs they might encounter. Now these are the normal expectations of the title, and them themselves are fairly challenging to complete. However in some cases, such as myself, I want to do more. I want to expand on the world, create countries, elaborate on the current political standings of those countries, what figure heads stand out in these countries, NAMING the countries. All these things and more i wish to do, but damn is it fucking hard. As of right now i have started a world that I am incredibly invested in. It started with one country, Fea-naro.

Map of Fea-NaroI put in a lot of work into this one, very small country. There are politicians, gangs, cults, religions, a lot of shit, and it’s not even done. As I come to the end of this first post I’ve realized something, this is kind of fun. I look forward to sharing more with whoever wishes to take a look.

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