Humble Homebrew: Lantern of Ruen

I know if I was an all powerful wizard I’d want the ability to carry around a miniature Sun in my pack. I thought it would be interesting to have a spell that had multiple uses. Not only as an un-extinguishable light source, but as a pretty powerful spell. The Lantern of Ruen is specifically created by my D&D character who is a graviturgy wizard and is looking to incorporate different aspects of gravity in his home made spells.

So this one I think still needs some work. It needs to be clear that it can’t be doused in anyway other than being dispelled or destroyed, and I think the wording could be clearer in regards to how the attack is actually caused. I’m also not sure about the spell level and the materials needed to cast it. It feels balanced, but I could totally be wrong about that. Other than that I think it’s a pretty fun spell! Let me know what you think and what you would do to improve it.

Thanks for reading Dungeoneers, I hope you enjoyed this new installment. If you enjoyed what you read please consider donating to my ko-fi! Till next time.

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