Mike’s Minis #10: Horse of the Rohirrim

With a new airbrush in tow I decided to try my hand at using it to prime a new mini. At first I made sure to include plenty of flow improver and thinner with the Vallejo Grey Primer. This was very much a mistake. It was definitely thinned way too much and there wasn’t proper coverage of the mini. I tried to put more primer into the cup and that sure as shit didn’t work. So I dumped it and decided to try again, this time only with the primer. It worked like a charm. There were a few moments when some primer coagulated at the tip of the needle; simple enough to deal with. Although it was difficult at times to differentiate the grey of the primer with the grey of the miniature.

This was a fairly easy job to complete. Once the primer was set I applied some simple basecoats and washes to it and called it. I did enjoy incorporating the stripes on the saddle. That was a fun extra tidbit. This was meant to be more of a relaxing, practice before I move onto more interesting miniatures, but I had a lot of fun just spitballing how I painted it right on the spot. Much more freeform than planning out almost every step as I have been.

Thanks for reading Dungeoneers, I hope you enjoyed this new installment. If you enjoyed what you read please consider donating to my ko-fi! Till next time.

The base coat paints I used are Reaper MSP and Vallejo Game Color:

  • Body: 2x dark highlight
  • Mane/Tail: 2x candlelight yellow, 1x new copper, 1x dark highlight
  • Blanket: 2x new copper, 1x mountain stone
  • Saddle/Lead: 2x ebony flesh
  • Saddle Design: 1x naga green/ 1x regal purple
  • Harness: 2x leather brown, 1x dragon red
  • Face Armor: 2x filigree silver, 1x heather blue
  • Metal Bits: 2x filigree silver
  • Hooves: 2x mountain stone
  • Teeth: 2x bleached linen, 1x scholar flesh
  • Tongue: 1x dragon red
  • Eyes: 1x pure black
  • Grass: 1x naga green

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