Monster Mania: Otyugh

I fully believe that the Otyugh might be the most controversial monster I’ve gone over so far. Originally the Otyugh was first introduced in the Monster Manual of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in 1977. What I believe makes it so controversial is that it is classified as an aberration. Aberrations, traditionally, are non-natural lifeforms that appear from a distant plane. They are grotesque creatures, which the Otyugh is, and have an arsenal of unusual abilities and attacks. While the Otyugh does have telepathy it doesn’t really have anything else that would make it otherworldly by D&D standards. In an average fight an Otyugh will stick with attacking several times with its tentacles in an effort to grapple enemies. Once grappled the enemies will then be slammed either into each other or into the closest solid surface for maximum destruction of pride. And also health.

Otyughs typically dwell within the darkest and dingiest dungeon frequented by adventurers. They also incorporate a rather unusual form of camouflage when setting a trap. They will hide within large mounds of decaying flesh, entrails, and refuse leaving only its stalks exposed. When an unwitting creature comes near it pounces in an eruption of pure nasty and does what it does best. The most interesting defense an Otyugh has its bite attack. When this sucker bites you, you have to succeed on a Constitution saving throw and if you fail you are in for a world of hurt. If you’re hit you are then “poisoned” with a deadly disease. Every 24 hours you you will have to repeat the con saving throw and if you fail again you will continue to be diseased and your hit point maximum will be reduced 1d10. This persists until death or until you succeed on the roll. If you succeed the disease is cured and you can go on your merry way.

Overall Otyugh only live to eat and sate its hunger. Once it no longer feels like eating it doesn’t really care about what happens around it. As long as it has a full belly you can walk right past it and it would not give a shit.

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As an afterward I really wanted to point out this run down of how an Otyugh runs and it is just amazing and I wanted to share with all of you:
5th Edition running Otyugh, Art from Forgotten Realms wiki

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