Mike’s Minis #1: Learn to Paint Kit

From what feels like a century ago now, Christmas was in our hearts and my roommate had just given me an awesome gift. It was a Reaper: Core Skills Learn to Paint Kit. Like all obsessions it began as an innocent hobby to flex some creative muscles, but once I put paint to plastic I was hooked. It came with an extremely comprehensive booklet that outlined the very basic skills and techniques you need to get into the hobby. Along with these instructions came several dropper bottles of acrylic paint, two brushes, and three starter miniatures.


Along with all that came in the kit I purchased some equipment I thought I would need: an army painter self healing cutting mat to keep the mess off the table but to also cut imperfections on the miniatures, a mug used for cleaning off brushes, and a lamp with an imbedded magnifying glass to better see where I am painting. These tools have made this hobby easier and far more enjoyable. I think for anyone seriously considering getting into miniature painting this is a great beginners set up. The minis that came with this kit set a good pace in terms of difficulty and prepared me for future projects that I will surely share here.

This gift arrived at just the right time, when I was feeling energized and excited to be more creative with my time. With the way things are now I have found myself delving deeper into how to further express myself and this hobby is a great place to start. If you have any questions about the kit itself or regarding mini painting feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading Dungeoneers, till next time.


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