Monster Mania: Shambling Mound


The Shambling Mound is a monster I wish I had taken advantage more of in the past, but certainly will in the future. At a surface level the Shambling mound, or sometimes referred to as a Shambler, is a pretty standard monster. Grotesque in its nature and somewhat simple in its behavior. Shambling Mounds are an amalgam of sentient vegetation that consumes organic material to survive. They’re like Treebeard’s messier, and less intelligent younger brother that lives in the attic and survives on soda and chips, but in this case soda and chips is actually plants and the flesh of animals and adventurers. Shamblers enjoy hiding themselves with local plant life and sneaking up on their prey when they get close and engulfing them. Overall they are pretty well rounded and easy to implement monsters, but you see, they are more buck wild than one would assume.

Shamblers are created in one of two ways: the ever mysterious and powerful magics that invigorate the amazingly varied and hostile Feywild, or mother fucking lightning. What? If a bolt of lightning were to strike a plot of underbrush it has the chance to come alive and devour whatever is in its path. That’s absolutely insane and I love it. I can only imagine if there was some insane thunderstorm over a farm the next day the farmers would wake up to the cows being eaten by their corn. Because of this unique method of attaining sentience Shamblers have a natural immunity to lightning damage, and not just an immunity but they’re also invigorated by it. These things are absolutely ridiculous and have fallen in love with them.

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave me some words! Till next time.


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