Monster Mania: Michael

This has to be the most horrible that anyone can encounter in any campaign. Its twisted mind conjures up a horde of mischievous, potentially deadly traps and uses its shrill, high pitched voice to attract allies to protect it. It typically hides in the shadows until weak and depraved prey ventures close to its hiding place. A Michael goes through many stages of gestation until it arrive at its final form. Its lumbering form covered small spines that it uses to disgust other creatures. When a Michael is unable to hatch some sort of scheme its primary form of attack is to jump at its target and flail its limbs uncontrollably like a deranged Roper high on bath salts.

On occasion if a Michael is desperate it enough it performs a bite attack but usually fails because it lacks the fangs to do damage effectively cause they are wimps. When a Michael is able to make an ally  they on occasion betray said ally by leaving them out in the wilderness ill equipped to face the threats of mother nature and he inhabitants. In the end a Michael is a wily monster that does what it must to survive cause they are pathetic and weak and are just butts. Happy April Fools.

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave me some words! Till next time.

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