Monster Mania: Owlbear

An Owlbear, at a cursory glance, feels like something that would look either horrific or just kind of odd, but more often than not is viewed as down right adorable; myself included. Owlbears are unique in that they are equally dangerous as they are cute. When one is especially hungry there isn’t a creature they won’t go after, even those that are much larger and potentially more powerful will avoid Owlbears. Owlbears do most of their activities at night: hunting, marking its territory, or looking for a mate. One of the tactics Owlbears employ is to screech alerting nearby prey into it’s hunting grounds and dragging half eaten corpses that decay over time to attract potential prey with the smell. You know, nasty stuff.

Some have tried, and very few succeed in taming a wild Owlbears. Different individuals have used Owlbears for a variety of different purposes such as: racing, gladiatorial fighting, pets for the larger inhabitants of D&D worlds, or natural protectors. There are theories of how Owlbears have come to be. Elves claim to have known their existence for thousands of years, some fey insist they are inhabitants from the Feywild, but my favorite has to be that some mad scientist wizard got particularly detached from reality and went to town. Nature.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what your favorite monster is! Till next time.

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