Monster Mania: Duergar

It is no secret that The Underdark is home to many strange and powerful creatures Such as Mind Flayers. Duergar are similar to Drow in that they have an overworld counterpart in Dwarves. Duergars started as Dwarves mining for riches deep underground, but at some point they were enslaved by Mind Flayers for generations causing them to evolve and transform because of the new environment. Eventually Duergars were able to free themselves from their captors and create their own society in The Underdark. Aside from their physical changes like their gray colored skin and hair, Duergar have become even more secluded and evil due to their time as captives. They will war against any who seem even slightly like trouble and only ally themselves when there is something to get from that relationship. Because of their time as mind controlled slaves, once free, they have built a resistance to most magics or psychic attacks against them. There are cases where Duergar are forced from their home to live in the overworld, marked with tattoos identifying themselves as traitors to their kind.

Living a life underground has further enhanced Duergars natural abilities of survival such as their Darkvision. This gives them an edge against outsiders seeking adventure. When pitted against an enemy Duergar have attained the ability to enlarge themselves to inflict even more damage than they already would have. If however they find themselves up against an enemy that is to much for them they can also become invisible and take advantage of their familiarity in their home turf. Like Dwarves, Duergar are hearty and strong willed, capable of annihilating anyone who threatens their freedom.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what your favorite monster is! Till next time.

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