Monster Mania: Wraith

Wraiths are that type of enemy that many incorporate into sessions. They are a swiss army knife of the Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual. They can be an everyday monster that is a nuisance to an adventuring party or genuinely post a threat. Wraiths come into being when a humanoid makes a pact with a fiend or is so infused with negative energy that their soul implodes before giving it a chance to pass into the afterlife. This implosion causes the soul to become a malicious entity of negative energy on whatever plane they have died on. When it transforms a Wraith no longer recalls it former life, attaining a singular purpose to destroy life. There are very rare cases where if a Wraith were to experience a particularly powerful symbol of its previous life it may garner a response, but otherwise these fucks are gonna cut you down like a lawn mower of death.

Much like Ghosts and Specters Wraiths have the ability to traverse through solid objects much like a humanoid walking through fog. Wraiths also have many varieties to regular physical attacks. When going up against one it would be best to prepare a magical weapon to be at least somewhat effective. Their main method of attacking is to drain the life from its enemies, and this is where the true power of a Wraith comes in. Once it kills an enemy in combat, or if a humanoid is freshly killed, Wraiths are able to transform them into Specters. Bolstering it’s defense.  For the most part Wraiths are simple enough to dispatch for a competent party, if a party can manage to compose itself.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what your favorite monster is! Till next time.

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