Monster Mania: Bulette

At this point it’s no secret that Dungeons & Dragons is filled with some exotic, otherworldly creatures who wield incredibly dark powers capable of annihilating entire civilizations. Well the Bulette is not one of those creatures. Bulettes are horribly simplistic in nature and their only goal is to the next meal. Not to say that this isn’t a threatening creature. The Bulette was first introduced in the first issue of one of the two original Dungeons & Dragons magazines. It came into being when Gary Gygax was searching for monster inspiration in the form of miniatures to be used in his games. He came across a small pouch filled with “prehistoric animals” which actually had quite a few kaiju toys from movies like Ultraman and Godzilla. Bulettes are described to be a combination between an armadillo and a snapping turtle. This kind of amalgam comes with a lot of natural power.

At first glance you can tell that the Bulette is armored giving it advantage when being attacked, but it also has some intimidating power when it attacks. Their natural habitat is burrowed beneath the ground. They even traverse long distances this way because they have very good tremorsense allowing them to detect enemies before they even come into view. Once they feel a potential meal get close they hide just beneath the top soil and emerge in an eruption of sod and teeth. Something I found very interesting was that Bulettes are very isolated creatures. The only time they are seen in pairs or more are if they are mating. The sighting of juvenile is even rarer than seeing herds of Bulettes. It is suspected that self sustaining nests are created deep within the ground where the young Bulettes can grow till maturity. Apparently they also has preferences to its meals, specifically it hates the taste of dwarf and elf, but loves the taste of halflings and horse. Go figure. While these creatures are insanely territorial and are essentially living, breathing, and burrowing tanks – I can’t help but want one as a pet. Come on look at that face, it’s adorable.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what your favorite monster is! Till next time.

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