Monster Mania: Lich

In the spirit of the month of spookiness I have selected to discuss the Lich. The Lich was first introduced in the original Dungeons and Dragons supplementary book, Greyhawk. The typical Lich is described as a skeletal humanoid with flesh stretched tight over its bones, glowing lights where its eyes once were, and wears dilapidated clothes and jewels that have dulled over time. This monster comes about when a spellcaster, such as a wizard or sorcerer, becomes self-obsessed and undead. The initial step to achieve this “higher” form is to create a sort of pact with an being of pure evil. One that could supply the power needed for such a devastatingly dangerous change. Not all Liches opt for this but more often than not they do. Next they submit their soul into a phylactery that is bound with dark magic. Finally they drink a brew of poison mixed with the blood of a sentient creature who has been sacrificed to the phylactery. The brew kills the wizard and they than rise as their soul is ripped from their body. In summation Voldemort was a Lich.

Within a Lich’s arsenal is a wide array of deadly spells used to maim, paralyze, poison, or otherwise kill their opponent. Along with its spell slinging a Lich can use a number of abilities it has developed during its tenure as an evil Iron Maiden album cover reject. And on top of all of that nonsense, a Lich tends to draw its enemies to its lair where it can cause even more torment. Liches are intelligent, manipulative, and powerful entities that work the world like its own personal chessboard. It takes a particularly powerful and ingenious adventuring group to even have a chance at defeating such an enemy.

Thanks for reading and be sure to let me know what your favorite monster is! Till next time.

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