Mike’s Minis #14: Dragon Wyrmling

This paint job was a lot of fun to work out. The model itself is that of a Black Dragon Wyrmling but as you can tell, it is not black. What came first was the story for this mini that was inspired by my home campaign. My players had come across a massive crystal teeming with alien energy that erupted and “infected” each of them, including a guard drake egg one had on them. When the drake finally hatched it was discovered that the infection had mutated the drake into a more draconic physicality. Not only was it mutated but it had some black scaring all along its back and wings that glow dully. I can’t wait to see what my players do with their new friend.

For this mini I tried base coating with my airbrush for the first time, and it worked like a charm. It covered extremely well and got every nook and cranny. I decided against trying anything complex for the details. Except for the black veins that run along its back everything else was fairly simple to accomplish. The most challenging aspect of this project was painting the under belly. For the wings I decided to use two different colors for the top and underside going with a lighter blue, as you can see, and a more skin tone underneath. This did not look good at all, so instead I painted over that flesh tone with a blue green wash and it came out so well. It matches closely to the color of the horns. Finally I tried adding some green foliage to the base using PVC glue and I think it adds a lot of depth to the figure. In the future I might invest more time into making more elaborate bases for my minis.

Thanks for reading Dungeoneers, I hope you enjoyed this new installment. If you liked what you read please consider donating to my ko-fi! Till next time.

The base coat paints I used are Reaper MSP and Vallejo Game Color:

  • Top torso: 1x magic blue
  • Top of wings: 1x heather blue, 1x copper verdigris
  • Underbelly/Underwings/Horns: 1x desert sand/ 1x naga green, 1x candlelight yellow, 1x dragon blue
  • Claws/Spikes: 1x mountain stone
  • Ground: 1x tarnished copper
  • Scaring: 1x pure black

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