Monster Mania: Grell

The Grell are another mysterious, and obviously alien, monster that dwells in the depths of the earth. Like many Aberrations, the Grell’s sole purpose is to wander around in deep, dark caves and consume any smaller being that finds its way underground. With an appearance of what I can only describe as the love child between an intellect devourer and an octopus, Grell’s have a very detailed and interesting anatomical history. For instance they are able to compress bodies to about half their full size to fit into tight spaces. It also lacks a heart, in its place there are ten vascular chambers at the base of its ten tentacles that circulate its blood.

While their sheer existence is exotic and otherworldly, their battle prowess is simple and to the point. When a potential meal ventures into a Grell’s home they will typically float up to hide in the ceiling of their caves, among the stalactites, and using their blindsense jump into an attack. Their two modes of attack that they use: first they peck at enemies with their large beak, second is their tentacles. Their tentacles not only have the potential to poison and paralyze foes, but are also able to grapple.

Grell’s, while they are monotonous in their activities, are able to complex thought. So much so that they are able to rank targets: edibles, inedibles, and Great Eaters. They use this system to decide if attacking is worth the risk. If they deem something to dangerous they might hide and follow behind in the chance that smaller targets come about or the strong wanderers get weakened.

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