Monster Mania: Deathlock

The Deathlock are a fairly new addition to the monster pantheon in D&D. First introduced in the Libris Mortis for 3.5 edition, they are an undead force to be reckoned with. Compared to other undead, such as skeletons or zombies, Deathlocks have personality and intelligence. At some point before their un-death they were mortal humanoids, following the guidance of an otherworldly patron who promises untold power, or gifts in exchange for something. Most Warlocks have no issue going along with the whims of their patron, but some tasks given are to heavy a burden. What follows after is an untimely death and resurrection of the Warlock, against their will.

While the Deathlock, for the most part, remains how they were before they died, they are now overcome with an obsession to complete any task that pleases the patron. Whatever goal they may have becomes the Deathlock’s sole objective. Once transformed they are also given additional benefits. Because of their undead nature: they no longer need food, water, air or sleep to survive. They are sustained by their connection to their patron. They are resistant to many forms of damage from non-magical means. They are also able to resist against the effects of turn undead.

These bonuses give Deathlocks added potency when going up against adventurers. I find them to be a really interesting enemy type. I can imagine a person on the brink of death begging to be saved and then pulled into a contract with something nefarious. Afterwards they are happy for a moment before they realize all the awful things they’ll be compelled to do, and If they show any sort of resistance they will almost certainly meet a gruesome end. Probably one of the most tragic monsters in D&D.

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