Mike’s Minis #5: Monk

In my home campaign the kingdom has enlisted some mighty authoritarian laws that restrict and limit magic and magical races. The fist is closing tighter and tighter with each passing day, and just recently my players had a first encounter with the new enforcers of magical law enforcement. A platoon of monks specifically trained to counter against magic have made themselves known. They were the colors of the king, gold and red, and are for the most part silent and stoic in demeanor. So I thought that I would do a paint job that exemplified how they look in my head with today’s project.

This was my first time having so much exposed skin and I think I did an alright job with it. I think I may have gone a little bit heavy with the wash but I’m still happy with the end result. The one thing I regret about this piece is the color I went with for the pants. I think I could have gone with something similarly toned down and muted, but also accentuated the primary colors of the robes. All in all it was a fun learning experience.

Thanks for reading Dungeoneers, and if you liked what you saw please consider donating to my ko-fi, till next time.

The base coat paints I used are Reaper MSP and Vallejo Game Color:

  • Pants: 2x desert sand, 1x mountain stone
  • Cloak: 2x scarlett red
  • Skin: 2x scholar fresh, 1x tarnished copper
  • Lower belt/under cloak: 2x dragon red
  • Necklace/bracelets/middle belt: 2x leather brown
  • Upper belt: 2x tarnished copper
  • Shoes/weapons: 1x harvest brown, 1x mountain stone
  • Cloak and belt trim/buckle: 2x dragon bronze
  • Base: 2x bleached linen, 1x marigold yellow, 1x woodland brown

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