New Projects



Since getting back into blogging, which seems to be mostly successful so far, I’ve also tried to get back into long form writing. One idea I had was to create short form stories based off of the characters in the short story I wrote for a small publication and I would put them on here periodically. The other project I had in mind was more long term, potentially an actual book, with a more intricate story and plot. This blog will be a tool to achieve these goals; specifically it will get me into the mindset of writing consistently.

So what this post is is essentially an update on things to come hopefully in the near future.

What I have so far:

1. Monster Mania Mondays: For the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing a brief series every Monday where I talk about different monsters in D&D lore. They’re very short posts but have been great to keep me writing (except for you know, the last two weeks).

2. Off Time Sequel (Name TBD): This will be the short form story I will share on here which will be a sequel to Off Time. It will follow the adventures of Meric, an adventurer that specializes in hunting and capturing monsters for a price oh and he also runs a monster pet shop.

3. Book Idea (Name super TBD): This is the story that I have been trouble working on but will hopefully get some quality work done sometime soon. I probably wont post to much about it but every once in a while I will mention something about it I’m sure.

4. Just random stuff: I mean. It’s pretty self explanatory. I’ll probably have posts about anything that really comes to mine, those will definitely be more sporadic in its scheduling.

That’s all I can really think of currently. I’m gonna do my very best to stay on track and do this properly. Till next time.

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