Monster Mania: Mimics

Dungeons and Dragons is filled with sinister and tricky enemies that endeavor to make adventurers lives as difficult as possible. Perhaps the most frequent culprit of this would be the Mimic. The Mimic is a classic monster that assumes the identity of an innocuous inanimate object, traditionally a chest, to draw in their prey with the prospects of riches and once they are in range the Mimic uses its strong adhesive to stick to their prey and then devour them.

Originally, in the original Monster Manual, there were two types of Mimics. One was of smaller size and was intelligent, able to speak and comprehend different languages. These smaller versions would even become friendly to those who came across them, of course if they are offered food. The larger version of the Mimics were carnivorous and instinctual, their one goal was to feed on whatever came near. What I did not realize was that Mimics had a rather irritating weakness to sunlight, which explains why they are primarily found in underground terrain and dungeons where of course bounty hunters and adventurers would seek their fame and fortune. Overall Mimics are fairly simple to understand creatures and the easiest enemy to use in a Dungeon Master’s battle map. They are weak enough to not pose a serious problem but tricky enough to antagonize and confuse players.

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